Valentine’s Day in Boone: Students choose non-traditional ways to celebrate

Ethan Murphy, Reporter

Red roses, heart-shaped chocolates and candlelight dinners come to mind when imagining the holiday of romance. However, these don’t apply to some students who opt for simpler celebrations.

Cody Hill, a freshman philosophy major, has different plans for his Valentine’s Day this year.

“I thought about doing some big show of things like you see in the movies, but I realized that isn’t what the day is supposed to be about. Instead, I’m just going to bootleg a movie with my girlfriend and have a nice night,” Hill said.

To him, many of the traditional gifts and activities seemed problematic.

“Honestly, I think the whole idea of it is kind of fake,” Hill said. “All of these little trinkets people go out buying to impress their partner don’t really mean anything. You can’t package love in a box or a card.”

He also spoke on the subject of the holiday itself.

“I don’t see why you need a day to show affection for someone,” Hill said. “Sure, I’ve heard it said that it’s a special kind of affection, but I think that’s something you share every day. At least everyone tries to in their own way.”

Keegan Jenkins, a sophomore biology major, has plans for himself on Valentine’s Day.

“I’m going to wake up, do a little stretching, maybe get a cup of coffee and carry on like any other day,” Jenkins said.

He also shared his perspective on living the single life this time of year.

“You’ve gotta love yourself, man. Improvement is a big way that I love myself every day. I don’t meditate traditionally, but I do it in my own special way through my routine,” Jenkins said. “Sometimes, I just sit and think to try to improve my mental state, and worrying about who I’m going to be with or where I’m going to be on Valentine’s Day isn’t a good way to do that.”

Jenkins said this way of thinking has allowed him to remain carefree with life.

“All of the effort people go through to impress someone really isn’t worth it, and it isn’t who they are,” Jenkins said. “I’m glad I don’t have to worry about ‘fixing myself up in the morning’ or making sure my clothes are perfect. I just live, man.” 

Both students decided to take an alternative route to the holiday, but not everyone may do the same. Some may go out and have a picturesque dinner, and some may buy a box of chocolates.