Veronika Cloutier: Feminine Fashion

Mericlaire Williams

The last few years of Veronika Cloutier’s life have opened up exploration to help redefine what womanhood means to her.

Influence from television, music and friends give junior psychology major Cloutier a strong feminine identity that nurtures her innovative fashion.

Nineties alternative rock girl bands have influenced Cloutier’s love for the decade and is represented in the way she dresses and the music she makes. She claims Kim Deal, front women of The Breeders, as her music and fashion icon.

Cloutier created her band, Veronika’s Midnight Cowboys, because she was inspired by the musically talented women in her life. On stage she dives into her Western persona, adding cowboy hats or boots to her nineties inspired outfits.

“I think fashion is an art form and what I wear says a lot about me,” Cloutier said.

The show “Twin Peaks” opened Cloutier to her everyday style she and her friends classify as “mountain mama chic.” The show’s mysterious and ethereal mountain town aesthetic has greatly affected her style in recent years.

Cloutier’s friends are also a constant feminine influence and unleashed her artistic drive, especially Connaley Martin, junior art history major. Cloutier suggested “Twin Peaks” to Martin, inspiring both of them to buy long dresses and coats inspired by the shows mountain presence.

They are constantly creating similar fashion styles and inspiring each other. Cloutier said she used to never really concern herself with other people’s fashion. Since meeting Martin she now consistently buys neck scarves because it’s a staple in Martin’s style.

“I’ve been spending so much time with my friends and that’s all I really need,” Cloutier said.

Seeing friends passionate about fashion, music and art has pushed Cloutier to explore and express herself through fashion. Finding the music she liked and her group of friends has aided her to go out and buy new clothes and make more music.

“I’ve never been creating more in my life,” Cloutier said.