A breath of fresh air: Lavender House offers relaxing escape

Elaina Woodlief, Reporter

Lavender is a naturally soothing plant with strong healing abilities. The same goes for the Lavender House, a place of relaxation and creative inspiration.

The Valle Crucis Lavender House offers a relaxing escape from the busy downtown Boone area. A farmhouse-turned-lavender business, the Lavender House values nature, relaxation and creativity. 

When Madelyn George moved to Boone five years ago, she said she did not think she would own a 100-year-old lavender farm. 

George said she wanted to provide an experience different from the shopping and eating most people in Boone are used to. 

“At first, I thought that we would just have a gift shop and classes that would give people a farmhouse experience,” George said. 

The Lavender House offers classes to teach people how to make different body and skincare products, candles and tea. 

Seating under a willow tree and free Wi-Fi allow students, tourists and anyone looking for a breath of fresh air to sit, relax and spend time with others.

“The energy is completely different here,” said Madelyn Riordan, an employee since May. “This is a community space where wonderful creation can take place.”

The lavender house sells products made from herbs grown on site and other locally-made products. 

“Beyond just providing a magical place for people to come hang out and drink tea, we have a secret mission of supporting creative, young entrepreneurs in achieving their goals,” George said. 

Lavender House employees and young entrepreneurs gather for accountability groups that work through personal and professional development, and business skills. 

“I think that it gives everybody who’s working here an opportunity to grow into themselves,” George said.

Tess Orr
Lavender House employee, Haley Riodan makes a heartbeat latte. A heartbeat latte includes “beats root powder, ginger, cinnamon and a lot of love,” said Riodan.