Aiyana Willoughby looks forward to being a freshmen senator


Aiyana Willoughby is one of five newly elected freshman to the SGA senate.

Michael Edgerton

Aiyana Willoughby, freshman journalism major, was elected as a Student Government Association freshmen senator.

“I felt like it would be a disservice to App to not run,” Willoughby said with a laugh.

Having served as student body president at East Meck in Charlotte, Willoughby is no stranger to the inner workings of student government.

“I already knew how to do it,” Willoughby said. “I had experience in high school communicating with staff.”

Though she said she doesn’t have any grand plans for the Senate, the beneficiary of the Plemmons Leadership Scholarship, a scholarship that prepares students to become leaders, she prides herself on being receptive to her constituents.

Willoughby said she wants to be someone that students can count on.

Willoughby said she has a devotion to public service made evident by her work with the Plemmons Leadership Scholarship. As a member of the 40-member leadership program, Willoughby takes part in weekly meetings to discuss how to better campus. Recently she said she aided in the organization of the Walk for Awareness that took place Sept. 4.

Eyes towards the future, Willoughby said she definitely wants to run for SGA president and knows she can do it. Until she can make her bid for presidency, however, Willouhgby said she is thrilled to serve as senator.

“I’m extremely humbled,” Willoughby said. “I can’t believe I have the opportunity to jump right in as a first-semester freshman. I’m also honored that out of all the other well-qualified students, I was chosen to represent 3,000 people. I’m excited to start writing legislation that matters and speaking up about important issues.”

Aside from her work with the SGA and the Plemmons Leadership Scholarship, Willoughby can be found working with the Appalachian Popular Programming Society on the Spirit and Traditions Council.

Story by Michael Edgerton

Photo courtesy of SGA