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    Dr. Michael C. BehrentAug 26, 2014 at 10:31 am

    Thanks to Andy Koch for clarifying these issues. But if allocated monies do not “fund raises in any significant way,” and if the decade long trend is towards declining salaries, is the article’s title not misleading–or at the very least, does it not side with the Board of Governors’ view over Koch’s view, when little evidence supports the former? The headline gives the mistaken impression that meaningful raises will occur, though it seems very clear that this entire initiative is designed to give the impression that the BOG cares about raises–and thus education–when in fact it does not–or, in any case is on a warpath to dismantle the university as we know it. I’m not sure the interests of journalistic objectivity–a worthy goal–are well served by emphasizing one side (and the most disingenuous one, at that) of a story of this kind.