ASU lecturer hosting ‘Feminist Rhetoric’ series


The Appalachian Online

Laney Ruckstuhl

English and rhetoric lecturer Victoria Lozano is leading a workshop series on “invitational rhetoric,” a more inclusive style of argumentative communication.

Part one of Lozano’s series, “Feminist Rhetoric: Speaking Up with Invitational Rhetoric,” was held Thursday at 3rd Place. She introduced the concept of invitational rhetoric — encouraging questions from the other and showing appreciation — as an alternative to the traditional “conquest” model of argument, which she considers inherently patriarchal in nature.

“It’s hard to listen to someone who’s being purposely controversial,” Lozano said in her presentation. “This is more about exploring issues and people.”

Lozano’s premise for applying invitational rhetoric toward gender equality stems from the idea that at the beginning of third-wave feminism in the early 1970s, activists were buying into the “patriarchal” model of rhetoric.

She said that the use of this model conflicts with feminism’s message of equality, and that a communication method that places both parties on a level plane of mutual understanding and respect is necessary for discussing it.

Lozano also encouraged attendees to spend the week between the two installments practicing this style of engagement whenever possible.

“I have a series of videos that I want to show next week that actually showcase pieces of invitational rhetoric at work, and instances where it doesn’t work,” Lozano said, “and I really do want to hear more from individuals that are going out to use it.”

“Many of us, we kind of find a stance and stick with that stance,” attendee Taylor Pitt said. “Things like this kind of bring it back down to level. There is a better way of talking to people than just straight-up arguing.”

Lozano will host part two at 3rd Place (132 Appalachian St.) on Thursday, June 25, at 5:45 p.m.

Story: Cole Cummings, Intern Reporter