Bomb threat results in evacuation of Watauga County Schools, no relation to App State

Michael Bragg

An unspecified bomb threat was issued against Watauga County Schools on Tuesday morning, resulting in the evacuation of some county schools but, according to Boone Police.

Appalachian State University police said the incident at the county schools is not related to the university and is operating on a normal schedule. This information was confirmed in an email to Plemmons Student Union faculty and staff that there was no threat against the university.

Inspections have concluded at Watauga High School, Parkway School, Cove Creek School, Hardin Park and Mabel and classes are set to resume, according to a statement on Watauga County Schools’ website. The threat was made to all county schools.

“All children and school personnel are safe,” according to the statement. “Law enforcement will inspect each school to ensure that it is clear of any threats. We anticipate that the buildings will be pronounced safe in time for students and school personnel to return to the buildings to complete the rest of the school day and parents do not need to pick up their children early.”

The Appalachian will have more information as the story develops.

Story: MICHAEL BRAGG, Editor-in-Chief