Boone Fire responds to structure fire on Faculty Street

Moss Brennan, Reporter

Boone Fire responded to a structure fire at 140 Faculty Street Thursday evening.

Battalion Chief Travis Spencer said someone was trying to cook when a fire broke out.

“He hit it with a fire extinguisher and knocked it down,” Spencer said. “He pretty much saved his room there.”

Spencer said that all the paid staff that were on duty and some off-duty responded to call.

Jackson Royster was the occupant of the apartment that caught on fire while he was cooking.

“I had never used oil before and I was trying to fry some chicken and I turned around to open the door and turn the fan on and I turned backed around and the kitchen was on fire,” Royster said. “So I called 911 and while I was on the phone with them, I realized that I had a fire extinguisher down under my sink so I ran and grabbed that and turned it on.”

Royster said he put the fire out but there was a lot of smoke in the apartment. He said Boone Fire responded within 5 minutes of his call.

Spencer said he is glad Royster used the extinguisher and that it “pays to know how to use those things.”