BREAKING: Brown/Barreto impeached

Gabrielle Troutman, Reporter

The SGA Senate impeached and removed Student Body President Quson Brown and Vice President Alejandro Barreto from office Tuesday evening. 

The vote to impeach and remove Brown and Barreto from their roles comes following an investigation into their conduct. With two abstentions, the vote ended 22 in favor of impeachment and removal from office, and two not in favor. 

“Quson Brown and Alejandro Barreto were removed from office and permanently disqualified from future office,” said Hunter Clark, chair of the Student Senate Committee on Rules. 

The majority vote removes the two from office, and makes Gabe Montalbano, the Senate president, the acting SGA president. If Montalbano decides to go under oath, he will become SGA president. However, if Montalbano decides otherwise, a special election will occur for the student body to elect a new president and vice president.

“Gabe Montalbano certainly does not intend to become student body president … He has told he does not want to take the oath,” Clark said.

As former president of the 2022-23 academic year, Brown served on the board of trustees for the university. What occurs for the BOT vacancy is undetermined.

EDITORS NOTE AND CORRECTION: Per a content removal request, all previous violations mentioned against Brown and Barreto have been removed from the article, as each violation was rescinded by the 56th SGA Student Senate on March 7, 2023. 

Editor’s note: After receiving a content removal request, an editorial decision in compliance with SPJ Code of Ethics was made to remove the names of the two cabinet members who did not receive the 2/3 Senate vote for their position confirmation and were appointed to interim office.

Editor’s note: The two Cabinet members who did not receive the 2/3 Senate vote for their position confirmation resigned from SGA the morning of Sept. 6, before the impeachment investigation began.