Chancellor rejects Faculty Grievance Hearing Committee’s recommendations

Chelsey Fisher

Chancellor Kenneth Peacock rejected the Faculty Grievance Hearing Committee’s recommendations regarding sociology professor Jammie Price.

The Committee released a report Oct. 23 on the investigation of Price, siding with her about her actions in the classroom.

Peacock rejected the Committee’s recommendation to “set aside the professional development plan required by Provost Gonzalez,” he said in a letter sent to Price.

Peacock said he found “no persuasive evidence” to indicate how professional development plans restrict academic endeavors.

In the report, the Committee asked that no other faculty member be placed on involuntary administrative leave, unless that reason is stated in the Faculty Handbook.

Peacock said in the letter that he “respectfully decline[d]” that recommendation.

“In order to comply with numerous legal obligations, administrators must have discretion to place an employee on leave with pay to facilitate investigations of complaints,” Peacock said.

Price has until Dec. 17 to formally respond to the letter.

Price said she plans to send a response to Peacock.

“Right now, I do not see me accepting the terms that the Provost laid out for me — basically, accepting that I am hostile in the classroom and thus am in need of professional teaching reform,” Price said.

Price said she has asked for a transfer to a non-teaching department, but still plans for a possible termination.

“[This letter] provides another example — an extreme example, that anyone can make out — of the lack of faculty governance,” Price said. “Or more generally, of the lack of checks and balances on power at this institution.”

Price was placed on administrative leave March 16 after students in her class addressed complaints to administration regarding her showing of “The Price of Pleasure,” a documentary on pornography.

Story: CHELSEY FISHER, News Editor