Lucky Five returns to Legends

Michael Bragg

The Lucky Five is a Charlotte-based hardrock, jazz fusion, punk sextet that have been heavily circuiting the underground rock scene since early 2008.

A frequenter at Legends, the band plans to bring an unequivocal amount of force and energy to their live performances.

The Appalachian conducted a Q&A with Guitarist Jonathon Fung about their current endeavors, past and what is expect in the future.

Lucky Five takes the stage at Legends Thursday night with Boone-based Swift Science. Tickets are $3 in advance and $5 at the door.

The Appalachian: What inspired you to pursue the type of music that you perform?
Lucky Five: We all basically grew up on different styles of music, mostly things like Led Zeppelin, Elton John, etc. Things our parents listened to. I guess our childhood influences led to our more adult music choices later in life and we wanted to play music like that.

TA: What is the meaning behind your name?
LF: We started out with five members in 2006, but we have since added another, and we thought that we should give ourselves a cool sounding name that could fit in any genre, really.

TA: How many other cities, college campuses and other venues do you guys have booked?
LF: We don’t really have a tour planned, but we are mainly playing little college towns and bars in N.C. It seems like we come to Boone every year, which is cool because we love it here. The crowd is really supportive and into our style.

TA: How would you compare your style to your contemporaries?
LF: We try to carve our own sound, and I don’t really think we could be compared to anybody in modern music. We have been said to have a tight groove in our music, and sound like something straight out of 1978.

TA: If you had to compare yourself to anyone, who would it be?
LF: We liken ourselves to Hendrix, Zeppelin, Rush, Elton John and Dave Matthews Band, to name a few.

TA: Why should people come to A Lucky Five Show?
LF: We bring the energy. Everybody can expect to see a great show and hear some excellent music along the way.

TA: Why should people care about Lucky Five? Or give them a reason to see what you guys have ahead of you?
LF: We freaking rock. We are all from the Charlotte area and are completely dedicated to making the best possible music, and we care about our fans.

Story: WILL GREENE, Intern A&E Reporter