Condom delivery service comes to an end

Condom delivery service comes to an end

Carl Blankenship

Busy Bee’s Condom Delivery Service was shut down in February after student and co-operator Dylan Brown received a cease and desist order from Appalachian State University.

Busy Bee’s was a door-to-door residence hall condom delivery business started in January by Brown and friends Mike Hebert, Ross Joyner and Luke Pascall. The service charged $1 per condom plus an additional $2 delivery fee.

Brown, a sophomore theatre arts major, said approximately two weeks after a story on the delivery service ran in The Appalachian on Feb. 11, 2014, he received a call from an attorney delivering a cease and desist order from the university.

“He asked if I was familiar with section H of the residence hall policy which states that a student can not own or operate a business on campus without the consent of the university,” Brown said.  “He said that unless we got the approval of the university and written consent forms that it would be considered illegal solicitation for us to operate on campus.”

According to section IX, item H of Appalachian’s Residence Hall License Contract, or the Solicitation Policy, door-to-door solicitation is prohibited.

The policy states, “Non-university solicitation is not allowed in the residence halls. No student may operate a business or other commercial enterprise from his or her residence hall room or any other part of the campus without express written consent of the University.”

“Recently, more of these sort of businesses have been starting on campuses and I think there’s a decent precedent to justify a condom delivery service on campus,” Brown said.

Despite Brown saying that there is a slight possibility of an attempt to restart Busy Bee’s, it was made clear that the business was not wanted on campus when he tried to obtain approval to operate.

Story: Carl Blankenship, News Reporter