Current food delivery services haven’t noticed change in business since arrival of DoorDash in March

Cameron Stuart, Associate News Editor

As DoorDash enters the delivery service market in Boone, other delivery services are not worried about a shift in dynamics in the industry.

Other delivery services in Boone include Boone Delivery, which launched in July, and Bite Squad, which bought Boone Takeout in May.

Lee Hornish, owner of Boone Delivery, said his business is different from other delivery services in Boone because all parts of the business, from the workers, to attorneys, to its main office, are local.

“Our local base is really solid,” Hornish said. “People seem to really receive and want local.”

Bite Squad director of communications Liz Sniegocki said Bite Squad hires drivers as part of the company instead of as independent drivers.

“We’re always looking to offer a very wide selection of high quality local restaurants. We focus in on independent local restaurant operators,” Sniegocki said. “We do work with national chains, as well, but we love to provide service to the community.”

DoorDash officially launched in Boone on March 20.

DoorDash is “a technology platform that connects people to their favorite local businesses,” according to a DoorDash spokesperson in an email.

DoorDash offers delivery from over 65 restaurants in Boone.

The spokesperson also wrote that DoorDash is located in more than 3,300 cities in North America, and the company works to deliver meals in under an hour.

Hornish said he has not noticed a difference in business since DoorDash came to Boone because Boone Delivery’s business has grown monthly.

Sniegocki said she does not expect any drop in business since DoorDash opened due to Bite Squad’s solid restaurant selection and low booking fees.

Hornish said he does not think competition is important in the delivery market, though people should decide for themselves where they want to order from.

Contrarily, Sniegocki said competition is important and makes Bite Squad look good.

Competition can highlight the difference between services, Sniegocki said.

“A lot of kids depend on these services to eat,” Hornish said. “They could go somewhere, but with inclement weather or time, there’s a lot of factors.”