Early voting at student union brings candidates to campus

Chelsey Fisher

Candidate for Watauga County Commissioner Tommy Adams speaks with sophomore spanish major Nicole Salmon at last Monday's Rock the Vote event. Several candidates have spent considerable time on campus during this election season to encourage students to participate in early voting. Maggie Cozens | The AppalachinDuring early voting, candidates visited Plemmons Student Union to talk with voters before they cast their votes.

Candidate for N.C. House of Representatives Cullie Tarleton said he chose to come to the student union to talk to early voters because he wants them to know his record.

Tarleton, who has served two terms in the house, said he “worked very hard for ASU” and he wants students to know that.

Tarleton was “delighted” to see the number of students voting.
“It means they take it very seriously,” Tarleton said.

Democrat District 3 Board of Commissioners candidate Billy Kennedy said “the best thing about early voting is getting to meet people.”

Kennedy, who has two children in college, said he visited the student union because he thinks students are the future and wants to be in touch with them.

Republican District 3 Board of Commissioners candidate Tommy Adams said early voting is “a great way to talk to the voter right before they make a decision, tell them something they didn’t know about your candidacy, your background or what you stand for.”

Adams said the student union is “one of the busier polls,” a reason why he chose to visit campus.

Adams said he chose to talk to students because they are still in his peer group.

“I’m not that far removed from what they are going through, what they are going to face when they graduate,” Adams said.

Watauga County Board of Education candidate Barbara Kinsey said she would also be visiting all the polls on election day.

Kinsey chose to visit campus because “education depends on young people,” she said.

“What I’ve seen up here is so cool because first time voters are so ecstatic,” Kinsey said. “I hope they will continue that habit for the rest of their life.”

Early voting started Oct. 18 and ended Nov. 2. During that time, 5,326 people voted in the student union.

Story: STEPHANIE SANSOUCY, Senior News Reporter

Photo: MAGGIE COZENS, Photo Editor