Farewell column: Last one out, hit the lights

Colin Bross, Director of Marketing and Public Relations

In the fall of 2021, I transferred to App State. 

There were a lot of questions I asked myself during that time of transition. What will college really be like? How will these next two years unfold? Will I find people I can call close friends? Can I find a community? Who’s Yosef, and why is everyone making puns out of their name? Some of these questions were answered, and others I think I am still searching for the answer, even after the fact. 

However, most of these questions were answered when I joined The Appalachian. Seeing a group of talented individuals, all focused on a common goal was captivating. This captivation only grew as I joined the editorial staff. Throughout my duration on Ed Board it became clear it was the best decision I made in my collegiate career. I thought previously I knew what it was like to belong, but my expectations were shattered. Words alone aren’t enough to express how grateful I am to The Appalachian and its staff. The endless nights and hard work each and every one of you produce creates the gold standard of what exceptional journalism should be. 

Thank you to The Appalachian’s 2022-23 editorial staff. The talent and friendship you all display on a daily basis is forever appreciated. Thank you to this year’s marketing desk. The passion, dedication and family you all have shown inspires me to no end. Thank you to Julia Woodring for every one of your efforts, and preemptively, for becoming the best Director of Marketing and PR The Appalachian has had. Thank you to Dr. Allison Bennett Dyche, for being the brightest lighthouse any lost ship could ask for. Finally, thank you to those constantly shining their light. Continue to advocate for yourself, and we’ll leave a light on for you.