First Friday Art Crawl of 2022 celebrates new galleries and local artists


Maria Smith

During the first Friday Art Crawl Feb. 4, 2022, one might be able to enjoy art while listening to local musicians. Patrons at Common Good Co, located on King Street, offers a free art gallery for visitors to browse.

Denise Casalez, Reporter

Friday evenings in Downtown Boone are back to being full with art galleries loaded with local and nationwide artists and wine tasting.

Downtown Boone held their First Friday Art Crawl of the year Feb. 4 on King Street. The Downtown Boone Development Association will host the art crawls every Friday from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. until Nov. 4 with galleries and wine tastings in various restaurants and bars. 

This year, there are two new exhibitions in the Turchin Center for Visual Arts presented by Corn Wagon Thunder expressing self-portraits and The New West: An Old Story by photographers Joan Myers and Steve Fitch. 

Allie-Grace Poupore, an elementary education major and gallery ambassador, answered people’s questions on the galleries and gave a brief background of the space. 

“It’s a time for people to come around and explore the gallery and see all the new exhibits,” Poupore said. 

There are three more galleries throughout the Turchin Center: “To Remain Connected” by numerous artists showcased from Dec. 3, 2021, to May 7, 2022; “Matters of the Heart” by Shawn Morin showcased from Sep. 3, 2021, to Feb. 5, 2022; and “In The Garden of Healing” by Dara Mark showcased from Dec. 3, 2021, to May 7, 2022. 

“To Remain Connected” celebrates relationships between human and non-human kin. Entering the gallery, people can first notice a video loop on a projector of a woman from behind showcasing her movement as she takes a breath, paired with heavy inhaling and exhaling through a speaker.  

“Matters of the Heart” is a sculpture project symbolizing human relationships, romantical and non-romantical. “In The Garden of Healing” consists of watercolor paintings symbolizing Mark’s personal growth since her husband passed. 

Miranda Lowery, an anthropology major and Turchin Center workshop facilitator, held a Valentine’s Day card workshop to celebrate the upcoming holiday. There were valentine-themed stickers, paper cards, markers and art supplies layered out for the guests. 

“It’s nice to plan this workshop and be here,” Lowery said. 

As guests made their way with the Art Crawl, they could either stop for a quick break to the Valentine card-making table or continue to see the artwork of not only local artists but outside as well. 

“We don’t get many opportunities in the High Country to see art outside of the High Country,” said Rachel Wilson Potter, an attendee.