From Bears returns to Black Cat


From Bears perfoming as the opening band at Legends. The band returned to Black Cat Friday night to perform again after traveling on tour for the summer. Photo by Andrew Clausen | The Appalachian

Abi Shaki

From Bears, one of the best known bands in Boone, played an energetic show at Black Cat Burrito on Friday night with Breakers (Boston, MA), Kindler (Asheboro) and White Woolly.

Set with colorful lights and 3D glasses distributed to the crowd, From Bears engaged the audience with psychedelic paraphernalia and showcased their raw talent for creating kaleidoscopic rock music.

After the production of their most recent album, “Wompus and Son,” the band explored playing shows outside of the Boone community, guitarist Doug Little said.

“We just went on tour up North for the first time,” Little said. “Breaking even was our goal at first, but we are trying to make our music heard, not just around Boone but other places too. If that leads us somewhere, then that’s great.”

The band reportedly borrowed a van to take to Boston, playing along this coast while staying with family and friends.

“One of our favorite shows was at Don Pedro up in Brooklyn,” Little said. “We met really cool bands like Chimes and Seismic Thrusts.”

The band spoke about their personal writing style and music, which pulls from Biggie Smalls, The Pixies and Joy Division, Little said. Often, the members will create music starting with short hooks or melodies that transform into a consonant song.

“One of us will come forward with a riff idea and then we’ll add on to it and jam for a little while,” vocalist Ben Taylor said. “We will make our own individual parts sometimes too. We switch instruments, and we all have our own style with each instrument. It makes it more fun.”

The band members appreciate each other sense of humor, drummer and vocalist Matt Nemeth said.

“[On tour], we just sit around listening to funny podcasts,” Nemeth said. “Our van was like our home. We turned it into a special place while on the road.”

A preshow Ragin’ Cagin’ Burrito from Black Cat was also on Taylor’s itinerary for the night, he said. Each band member has before show quirks.

“[Little] likes to do preshow pumps beforehand,” Taylor said. “And I’m fired up the whole time. We like to play at our house with the lights off, and that just gets us in the right mood. We definitely zone out [while playing.]”

Friday night’s show solidified how hard the band has worked to get to where they are today.

“The show was amazing,” spectator Daniel Joy said. “These guys are super talented.  I’m feeling really good right now.”

Black Cat Burrito showcases bands every third Friday of the month.

Abi Shaki, Intern A&E Reporter