High Country Hoop Troupe welcomes incoming flow artists

Noelle Charles, Reporter

At App State, students express themselves through conventional recreational activities, such as running and biking, and other obscure activities, such as hula hooping. 

Formed in spring 2015, High Country Hoop Troupe welcomes flow artists of all skill levels. Flow art engages in various movement-based practices using movement-based props. 

Hula hoops, staffs, and poi, which are strings with spherical objects on the ends, are rhythmic props club members use to express the “flow” of the movement. 

Senior psychology major Maddie Rozics, club member, said flow arts is individualized and includes “any movement, dance or tricks involving an item.”  

The High Country Hoop Troupe is also involved with a community club called the Inspiral Fire Tribe.

The Inspiral Fire Tribe performs at TApp Room on Tuesday nights with fire in its flow arts acts. 

Senior sustainable technology major Summer Gee is president of the High Country Hoop Troupe and heard about App State’s flow art community as a freshman. 

Gee said she has made many memories with the club, like, “just being able to sit with my friends in a non-judgemental space, where there is a lot of big support and just beautiful people.”

During meetings, members listen to music, enjoy each other’s company and learn new tricks. 

“We are about providing a space to be open,” Gee said.

Vice president Sarah Durst, a junior sustainable development major, said the practice is very relaxed.

“Really, it’s about asking for help where you need it. Beginners are always welcome. So, even if you’ve never even picked up a hula hoop before, you’re welcome to come to the club,” Durst said. 

Gee encourages anyone curious about the High Country Hoop Troupe to get involved in flow art. 

The High Country Hoop Troupe meets every Sunday at the Plemmons Student Union in Room 137A from 8:30 to 10 p.m.