Information Technology Services releases guidelines for teleworking during COVID-19

Jackie Park, Reporter

App State’s Information Technology Services created a page of resources for faculty members amid COVID-19’s disruption of regular schedules. 

The site includes information on accessing secure resources, office voicemails and remote face-to-face meetings.

COVID-19 Teleworking Guidelines, linked to the site, state that in accordance with decisions by the UNC System, teleworking is mandated for employees whose presence is not physically required on campus beginning no later than March 23.

“Teleworking will not be applicable to all employees, based on the functions of their respective jobs and departmental business need.  Telework may also be implemented intermittently for employees, where practicable, to accomplish both safety goals and business need,” according to the website.

COVID-19 guidelines for teleworking also encourage managers to be understanding of those impacted by the coronavirus, both by getting the sickness itself or becoming caretakers for those who may become ill.

The guidelines also state that student employees will not be allowed to work after March 23 for “student safety.

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