Len Sanqui: Transparent Fashion

Mericlaire Williams

Len Sanqui is a young visual artist who uses fashion as another tool to show her creative side.

Sanqui, freshman commercial photography major, has an evolving, unique style that gives an honest impression of herself as an artist.

As a high school freshman, Sanqui dressed like her present-day self, but quickly gave it up to conform to her peers. Her time at App State has helped her rediscover her true self. She now stands out with comeback fashion trends from the ‘90s as she learned to show a more genuine side of herself.

“As soon as I got to college, I stopped caring as much to how I compared to other people,” Sanqui said.

Accessories help Sanqui make a statement and add flair to any outfit. She wears fruit earrings that give her oufits a unique look. Sanqui has found it cheaper to buy jewelry from antique stores than  an expensive outfit because jewelry can bring light to simple outfit. Her attention to detail is key to helping her express her personality through fashion.

“My strength is being coordinated with how I accessorize,” Sanqui said. “It bothers me if everything doesn’t match with color and visual balance of an outfit. Everything has to be balanced.”

Fashion gives Sanqui the ability to openly connect with others and herself. She said she has noticed that people who make art dress more creatively, and she channels that creativity from the artists she has met.

Dressing for herself helps Sanqui feel more honest about who she is. As an artist, she wants to showcase herself as art, which fashion allows her to do.

“Fashion makes me feel more comfortable about my personality,” Sanqui said. “I feel like when I was dressing in a way that was not reflective to who I was, I did not feel comfortable with myself.”