Meet the candidates: US House and Senate

Mia Seligman, Enterprise Editor

As early voting continues and the Nov. 8 elections approach, voters will be faced with several decisions about candidates. The Appalachian has compiled information on the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate candidates. More in-depth information can be found on each candidate’s website.

About the Candidates, U.S. House of Representatives:

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx represents North Carolina’s 5th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Foxx serves as a Congress member and Republican leader of the House Committee on Education and Labor. 

Candidate Kyle Parrish is a first-time candidate running for North Carolina’s 5th District. Parrish intends to run for all people regardless of party, and aims to represent everyone in his district. He will be representing the Democratic party. 


Environmental Issues:

Virginia Foxx counts on an “all of the above” energy policy, where the goal is boosting domestic energy. She wants to ensure clean air for all, as well as clean water, and a healthy safe environment based on science, not top-down regulation, which means making plans for energy at a higher level and relaying that information with the rest of the team. 

Kyle Parrish prioritizes preserving natural resources, such as the Blue Ridge Parkway, found in the country. He also believes in shaping infrastructure and the economy around these natural resources, making sure to preserve them as well as making sure they are being used to the best of their ability. 



Virginia Foxx supports enforcing current immigration laws. Foxx wants to remove the incentive for illegal immigration, which includes workplaces hiring people who immigrated illegally. With this, Foxx also believes that “Congress should explore making E-Verify mandatory and consider consequences for employer violations that amount to more than a slap on the wrist.” 

Kyle Parrish advocates for providing safe and available jobs for people coming into America. Parrish also believes in providing protection for those seeking asylum coming into the country.  

Health Care:

Virginia Foxx prioritizes having patient-centered healthcare for all of America. Foxx supports legislation to protect people with preexisting conditions, while bringing down the cost for families. 

Kyle Parrish encourages affordable and available healthcare for everyone. Parrish stands to keep healthcare out of the hands of employers. 



Virginia Foxx hopes to lower taxes, as well as provide more jobs for Americans. 

Kyle Parrish advocates to create well-paying jobs for all Americans, as well as helping to alleviate the poverty rate.  


About the Candidates, U.S. Senate:

Candidate Cheri Beasley is running for the Democratic party. Beasley is the first Black woman to serve as chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. During this time, Beasley “intended to act independently and without bias to uphold the law safely for everyone.” She is also a working mother who intends to “represent and serve everyone regardless of political affiliation.” 

Candidate Ted Budd represents North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District, while serving his third term in the United States Congress. Budd is on the Financial Services Committee, drawing on his prior background in business. Budd grew up in a farming family, and “intends to bring the same work ethic he grew up using to his position.”  


Environmental issues:

Cheri Beasley argues that action must be taken in order to prevent further damage from being caused to the planet. In order to do this, she supports “climate-resilient infrastructure, expanding renewable energy and encouraging the implementation of clean energy jobs.” 

Beasley will also be advocating for hurricane relief and recovery funding. Beasley aims to provide all of North Carolina with healthy communities and clean air, clean water and improved waste infrastructure, especially in lower-income communities. 

Ted Budd supports an “all of the above” energy strategy, which utilizes all natural resources found in the country. Budd also supports the government not prioritizing certain energy methods over others, as well as providing Americans with the most affordable fuel available. His priority is for citizens to pay low gas prices, while also receiving lower energy bills. 



Cheri Beasley believes targeted investments must be made in order to have good, well-paying jobs. In addition to creating jobs, Beasley also aims to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour with expanded training, certification and apprenticeship programs. 

Ted Budd aims to lower taxes and create a smaller federal footprint. Budd will work for smaller business owners to be able to climb the “economic ladder,” and create and build revenue, as well as continuing to profit off business. 



Cheri Beasley feels the immigration system and its issues have been “ignored for too long.” Beasley supports comprehensive immigration reform leading to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who are already in the country. 

Beasley intends on securing borders, improving visa programs, ensuring an efficient asylum program and reducing the wait times for legal immigration. Beasley also intends to protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival, as well keep promises made to Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors. Both of these are acts used in protecting immigrants and their children who entered the country illegally, if they satisfy certain requirements. 

Ted Budd supports securing the southern border with Mexico by building a border wall. Budd also intends to cut funds sent to “sanctuary cities,” as well as clearly defining legal and illegal immigration. 

“I’ve spoken with border patrol agents who asked for our help.” Budd said. “We need to build a wall and keep drugs and dangerous criminals out of our country, period.” 



Cheri Beasley thinks every American should have access to “quality and affordable healthcare.” She also supports expanding the Affordable Care Act with a public option, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, as well as increasing resources for rural hospitals and health care providers. 

Beasley also intends to “fight for, protect and expand access to women’s reproductive health care services, as well as supporting federal funding for planned parenthood.” 

Ted Budd stands for access to healthcare that works with each individual. Budd hopes to provide more transparency and affordable insurance plans. He also believes healthcare should be decided by the doctor and patient, not the government. Budd also wishes to add more options for healthcare, as well as providing different service options.