New process for sorority recruitment begins this year

Recruitment week for sororities began this Sunday with an event in Plemmons Student Union called “open house round,” where all of the potential new members meet all of the sororities.

This year, the recruitment process is being changed to a values-based recruitment, Chelsea Ashworth, senior interior design major and vice president of recruitment, said

“We’re taking out the balloons and the frivolous decorations and we’re actually having each girl going through do a life values inventory…a personality assessment,” Ashworth said.

The girls will be utilizing iValU, a guided booklet that will help them through recruitment based off of their values, so that way they’ll be choosing sororities off of the values that they have in common, Ashworth said.

You have to find the one the sorority you are passionate about, Aimee Abel, sophomore communication studies major and member of Alpha Omicron Pi, said.

Each new girl who is inducted into a sorority gets a big sister.

“My big was such a huge part of my transition to college last year, and she was always there to listen, or give me advice,” Abel said. “I think it’d be great to do that for another person.”

Most sororities do a “speed dating” activity, and the bigs and littles are chosen based on compatibility, Ashworth said.

Amanda Carter, freshman finance major, who is going through recruitment, said she is excited for Bid Day.
“Finding out who you’re with and getting your big, that’s what I’m most excited about,” Carter said.

Friday is the “philanthropy round,” where the focus is on what each chapter does for their national organizations, Ashworth said.

Saturday is “preference round,” where each girl can make her final choices about which sorority she wants to join.

The girls get “a look into the sorority’s rituals,” where the sorority invites the girls that they want in their sorority to learn what the sorority is about, Emily Oswalt, junior political science major and president of the panhellenic association, said.

Sunday is Bid Day, which is when girls get their bids and get to choose which sorority they will be joining, Ashworth said.


Story: LINDSAY BOOKOUT, Intern News Reporter