Noren Everts has a chance to foster more openness

Noren Everts has a chance to foster more openness

The Appalachian

We would like to take this time to welcome and congratulate our next chancellor, Sheri Noren Everts, to Appalachian State University.

We have seen the work and progress she has made at previous institutions, we have had an early glimpse into how well she interacts with students at Appalachian and we are excited to see that the first female chancellor in the university’s history will officially start her role here in a few months.

We look forward to seeing what Noren Everts can bring to the university and how she will move this institution forward in the coming years.

And we would also like to take this time to ask our newest chancellor to present Appalachian in a positive and accessible manner to faculty, staff, students and the community. This of course includes a significant degree of openness to the public.

Just as Noren Everts has a responsibility to lead and guide this university for the benefit of present and future faculty, staff, students and alumni, we at The Appalachian have a duty to actively and accurately inform the same audience. Sometimes that duty involves holding public figures such as the chancellor accountable and requesting interviews or statements when necessary.

It’s no surprise that we as an editorial board value openness and transparency, especially from our university and its public figures. In January, we unanimously signed and published a front page editorial requesting transparency from members of this university not only for our sake as journalists, but for the necessary transparency a public institution deserves in selecting its next chancellor.

Although we are very impressed with the chancellor that came from the search and thank the search committee for picking a wonderful candidate, we stand by our call to release the names of the final candidates during the search.

Based on her acceptance from the students so far, we think it’s safe to say they would have been in favor of the same candidate.

And while we have had little trouble in the past few years scheduling interviews with members of the administration and receiving information back in a timely and professional manner, there is some room for improvement where Noren Everts can be instrumental in seeing that it happens.

Although the leadership of The Appalachian will change next academic year, as it does every year, we will hold to our belief of a transparent and open society and to the standard that Appalachian should do the same.

Ultimately, we want to build a level of openness and respect between The Appalachian and Noren Everts.

We are looking forward to the experience of working with one of the newest members to the Appalachian family.

A majority of the members of The Appalachian’s editorial board approved this editorial.