On Record: “Super Monster” review


Ansley Puckett

Claud released their new album “Super Monster” on Feb. 12.

Aubrey Smith, Reporter

Singer-songwriter Claud is making their mark in the music world with their newest, refreshing release. 

The 21-year-old artist from Chicago, who uses they/them pronouns, created a catchy coming-of-age album, dealing with many of the trials and tribulations Claud has encountered in life so far. 

Their debut album, “Super Monster,” is a colorful arrangement of songs that touch on growing up, falling in love, vulnerability and heartbreak. 

The 13-track album tackles many of Claud’s lessons in love from their life so far; all painted over a familiar indie-pop beat. 

Opening the record with “Overnight,” Claud confesses how they often jump straight into love very quickly. Like most of the songs on the album, the dreamy, upbeat instrumentals ease some of Claud’s punchy lyrics. 

On “Super Monster,” Claud embraces vulnerability, from singing about missing an ex-lover on “Soft Spot” to desperately wanting to get closer to someone on “Cuff Your Jeans.” 

Claud also deals with the strange feelings of growing up. In “This Town,” Claud reminisces about significant experiences in their life and recognizes that they are “changing with the season” and that it is time to move on. 

The singles Claud released as the album rolled out such as, “Gold,” “Soft Spot,” “Cuff Your Jeans” and “Guard Down” are some of the strongest and most memorable of the album. Although, the rest of the record does not fall far behind. 

With the deep and serious undertones that Claud features on the album, the fun and catchy instrumentals remain afloat. 

The 11th track, “Pepsi,” is an excellent display of Claud’s songwriting skills and is one of the most creative and outstanding instrumentals exhibited on the album. 

While singing about losing trust and “falling into the lust” with someone, the song breaks into the chorus as the sounds of popping open a soda can erupt, and light drums mixed with a funky bass line quickly follow. A mellow guitar solo aids the transition from Claud’s lyrics, adding to the song’s dreamy indie-pop feel.

“Super Monster” features artists Nick Hakim, Melanie Faye and even Claud’s own band: Shelly. The record remains an incredible display of Claud’s individuality, even with the collaboration amongst artists. 

After releasing two EPs and multiple singles, Claud was the first signee to fellow singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers’ record label, Saddest Factory Records. Signed back in October, Claud announced “Super Monster” in December. Claud remains the only artist under the record label so far. 

When the album dropped Feb. 12, Claud hosted a Zoom listening party for fans. The call, with fewer than 100 people, created a unique and memorable experience for listeners. Fans engaged with Claud through the chat and shared their first reactions to the new music with strangers worldwide. 

  “Super Monster” is a breath of fresh air for the indie/bedroom pop genre. The 37-minute long record is a memorable piece of work. Claud’s most personal lyrics combined with unique and colorful instrumentals provide a beyond enjoyable listening experience.