OPINION: Five best date spots in Boone


Courtney Quinton, Opinion Writer

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, date spots in Boone are sought after by many. While there are many appealing locations, there are a few that remain superior. These locations are not only for romantic relationships; a date can be with yourself, friends or family. Everyone deserves a day to celebrate themselves and love each other, whether coupled up or single. Happy Valentine’s Day.

5. Sabeing Boone King and Regal Boone

Starting at number 5, Sabeing Boone King is a locally owned Asian fusion restaurant that serves Thai, Sushi and Vietnamese cuisine. Grab delicious takeout from Sabeing then have a relaxing evening at Regal Boone Cinemas to enjoy any of the numerous movies they show daily.

4. High Country Lanes

High Country Lanes is a fun and exciting date night for couples who prefer activities. High Country Lanes is a bowling joint also serving food and drinks. Every Wednesday night, the alley hosts a college night where App State or Caldwell Community College students can enjoy a discounted night of bowling.

3. Dan’l Boone Inn

Dan’l Boone Inn is a Boone staple. The family style restaurant has breathtaking garden scenery as well as delicious southern comfort food. Dan’l Boone Inn is one of the oldest buildings in Boone and this date invites you to become a part of that history.

2. Appalachian Mountain Brewery

For couples of age Appalachian Mountain Brewery, The brewery offers an amazing menu of craft beers and food. The atmosphere is unbeatable for a night out and would be an experience to remember for any couple.

1. Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway is a staple date location. The parkway is an overwhelming site for anyone no matter how many times they have seen it. Price Lake and Linville Falls are two of the best outlooks in Boone. The parkway serves as a romantic site for any couple who wants to remember the beauty they are surrounded by.