Opinion: Ron Paul overlooked by mainstream media

Maedchen Britton

Abbi Pittman

Maedchen Britton

The mainstream media always hounds candidates during election season. But it seems they’re off Libertarian-turned-Republican Ron Paul’s trail.

At the Republican Nation Convention this August, everyone knew who would win the nomination: the Republican’s controversial darling, Gov. Mitt Romney.
There was, however, a contender for the spot. And it seems like he’s just not being acknowledged at all.

I don’t think very many people take Ron Paul seriously as a Republican candidate. His supporters were a large minority group determined to place him the ticket as a party candidate, as opposed to on the Independent ballot, which would split the conservative vote.

In the primary elections, when Paul began campaigning, crowds of thousands would flock to hear him speak.

Now, he hardly makes front page.

But why does the media fail to capitalize on this political underdog?

Coverage on Paul has been limited, as media outlets highlight President Barack Obama and, in their eyes, his biggest threat.

It’s the media’s job to act as gatekeeper, but not to this extent.

Mainstream media favored Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, in my opinion, as they watched a woman try to succeed in a male-dominated political industry.

But Paul was ignored for the third year straight.

We can’t allow the media to dictate their election coverage like this. It’s American politics – not media politics.

When the mainstream media got the results back from Iowa, they stated that Santorum won first, Romney second and Michele Bachmann sixth. Not many news outlets mentioned Paul, who actually won the most delegates from Iowa.

Why isn’t the media paying attention to him? Maybe they’re tired of covering Paul now that he’s in his third year of running for president, but that’s really no excuse for ignoring a candidate with so much potential.

The media plays a huge role in presidential campaigns and elections. Paul is being harmed every time his successes go unreported.

Britton, a freshman journalism major from Kannapolis, is an opinion writer.