OPINION: Skippin’ Lunch smoothie needs to be renamed


Leah Boone, Opinion Editor

Editor’s note: This article contains mentions of disordered eating, eating disorders and weight change.

Crossroads and Wired Scholar are two vital parts of most all App State students’ livelihood. Both coffee shops offer a variety of pastries, wraps and beverages. One of the smoothies offered is described on the menu as a “balanced meal replacement with whey protein, banana, peanut butter, chocolate and yogurt.” The name of the smoothie is “Skippin’ Lunch,” which is evidently problematic.

Disordered eating and eating disorders are very prevalent across college campuses.  Disordered eating can be described as altering food intake depending on factors such as a desire for weight loss and societal stipulations. Eating disorders encompass a wide variety of mental illnesses, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder.

Both disordered eating and eating disorders have a range of causes, spanning from biological to psychological to societal. A large part of eating disorders is the desire to be in control of something in one’s life. This perfectionism mindset can stem from not doing as well as desired academically, another uncontrollable illness either in a family member or in oneself or another life change. 

When the phrase “big life change” comes up, many people’s first thoughts are of going to college. This is a monumental, and sometimes terrifying, change in hundreds of millions of young adults’ lives. With this change, for a lot of people, comes the fear of not being in control, which is when some turn to controlling food intake.

A smoothie named for skipping a meal is the last thing college students should be exposed to. With busy schedules and classes across campus from one another, sometimes students simply do not have time to eat between courses. However, this is no reason to buy a smoothie and call it a meal; a real meal can simply come later in the day.

Not getting enough nutrients during the day can cause fairly adverse effects on college students. With all the walking, mostly uphill in App State’s case, even more food is needed to properly fuel bodies. Eating too little can cause fatigue, a compromised immune system, not being able to do well academically and more.

Drinking a smoothie with protein in it is not a bad thing if it is drunk with a meal or as a snack. Drinking a protein smoothie and calling it breakfast or lunch, however, is a whole different story. In order to be able to focus in class and make it through the day without being exhausted, students need as much food as their body is telling them to eat. 

The “freshman 15” is a common phrase describing the extreme weight change many college freshmen experience. This is already an especially toxic saying, as it causes stress to freshmen who do undergo a dramatic weight change within their first year and makes them think they have done something wrong. Alongside a smoothie promoting skipping meals, it can be extremely dangerous.

The coffee shops’ other protein smoothies are named in ways that are not harmful, such as “Re-Fuel Protein Smoothie” and “Immune Booster Protein Smoothie.” Judging by these, it would not be hard to rename “Skippin’ Lunch” to something much more neutral. 

 Crossroads and Wired Scholar, whether unknowingly or not, are promoting an extremely dangerous phenomenon normalizing an unhealthy habit that can cause some serious health issues. Renaming the smoothie as soon as possible should be a top priority.


Editor’s Note: Previously a phrase’s meaning was misstated, the issue has been resolved.