Opinion: Third party candidates should bring their support back

Opinion: Third party candidates should bring their support back

Anne Buie

There has been a disturbing trend I have noticed among those who oppose the American political system.

Many third party supporters have been wavering in their support.

I can understand why, after all, who wants to lose when there is so much at stake?

Many important issues are on the chopping block. Doesn’t it make much more sense to vote for the lesser of two evils than to waste your vote on a candidate who can’t win?

This is the wrong question to ask. Instead we should be asking which of these candidates deserve my vote?

President Barack Obama and the Democrats have not only expanded the war on terror, they have also bailed out big business and further destroyed civil liberties.

Gov. Mitt Romney and the Republicans have endorsed Scott Walker and Rahm Emanuel in their assault on workers and have advocated policies that would help big business and no one else.

If we look at both of the main parties, we find that they are equally undeserving of our vote.

What’s more, both parties have shown that they are not interested in allowing third parties into the political process. They do everything in their power to try to restrict third parties and force the American public to choose between their two candidates.

From this we can derive that there is no one evil that is slightly less evil than the other.

What about the single issues? Isn’t it better to vote for a person if you feel strongly about a single issue they support?

Single issues are important, but only make up a small part of the larger picture. Politicians may not even make good on their promises.

Any vote based on a single issue is a wasted vote.

The important thing is to vote for someone you want. I don’t know about you, but I would rather vote for someone I want and not get them than from for someone I don’t want and get them.


Mann, a freshman computer science major from Raleigh, is an opinion writer.