PSA: Ladies, stop dressing up as cats


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A plague runs rampant through the campus of Appalachian State University every October. I’m not talking about cold weather or Ebola, but something worse. As the days count down before Halloween, more and more girls start to pull out their mascara and dress up as cats.

Cats, cats, cats. You walk into a Halloween party here at Appalachian and that’s all you see. Why? Why does one animal have the right to take control over all our social media feeds as well as a huge holiday for college students?

“It’s so easy to throw whiskers on your face and buy $1 of ears from Wal-Mart,” sophomore elementary education major Emily Mercer said. “Cats are unoriginal. I miss when you could go out when you were little and see a kid dressed as a washing machine.”

I understand that college students are on a budget, but there are so many other costume options for girls that need to be explored instead of the feline variety.

“You could be Beyonce or even Lady Gaga,” Mercer said. “You can honestly throw on something that you find in your kitchen and say ‘I’m Lady Gaga’.”

Halloween has evolved into being a sexy holiday at the college level, which is completely understandable. Put a bunch of emotionally active guys and girls together and that is bound to happen. What’s so sexy about cats though? They cough up hairballs and pee on rocks in a smelly box.

“I don’t think of sexy when I think of cats,” sophomore mathematics major Benjamin Jones said. “I’m always confused because, are they about to scratch me or something?”

So ladies, don’t dress up as cats this Halloween. Your peers and cats alike will thank you. Please, for the love of all that is spooky.

Story: Casey Wiltgen, Contributor