Quarantine boredom inspires twins to express themselves through podcast

Ansley Puckett, Reporter

App State might be home to a lot of students, but in East Hall lives freshman twins, their microphone and a podcast about life, college and comedic moments. 

The Twin Talk podcast, where Hayden and Alex Morrow talk about their lives as college students and twins, was inspired by an Instagram ad and quarantine boredom. 

“It’s kind of a funny story,” Alex Morrow said. “One day I was on Instagram, and I saw someone make a podcast, and it was sponsored by this app called Anchor, and so I just downloaded it, and I started talking into a microphone, and I just gave it a name.”

Anchor is an app where users can record, edit and distribute podcasts.

The podcast premiered with their first episode, “The Twinterview,” where the sisters interviewed. According to Alex Morrow, the pair’s content is impromptu and created from bouncing ideas off one another. 

“It’s a very split-second decision. It’s not like we plan or write out what we’re going to say,” Alex Morrow said. “Whatever is on the top of our heads comes out of our mouths. It’s not as fun when you have something planned, it’s more fun when you’re just randomly talking, and then the title comes later.”

The spontaneous format of The Twin Talk gives the sisters freedom to explore comedic aspects of their lives.  

“My favorite part about doing the podcast is whenever we get into a conversation, and it gets really funny and then the finished product with the music. I just think it’s hilarious to add in music to it, to like the dumbest conversations,” Hayden Morrow said.

Both Hayden and Alex Morrow view the podcast as a fun side hobby and a way to stay busy when their online classes offer them downtime. 

However, the twins said producing a podcast is not all fun and games. They quickly had to adjust to college while also recording and promoting The Twin Talk.

“As cliche as it sounds, it taught me a ton of time management. You really don’t know how hard it is until you actually do it,” Alex Morrow said. “Sometimes it’s just hard coming up with ideas, and I guess posting on a regular schedule is hard too because we’re in college now, and we’re trying to get adjusted to it.”

The sisters also feel pressured to remain upbeat for the podcast. According to Hayden, recording The Twin Talk is hard when they aren’t in the right mindset.

“When there’s a boring episode, this has happened a couple times, when we’re not feeling it, it’s kinda hard to keep going,” Hayden Morrow said. “Because if we’re not feeling it and were not in a good bumpy mood, then there’s no reason to do it.”

Although The Twin Talk just began, Alex Morrow hopes that as their project grows, they can use their platform to advocate for issues of importance. 

“Everyone is using their platform now to (talk about) injustice, social issues, problems and advocating (for) mental health and everything. I think that is super cool, and if we ever get the chance to become that big and spread that stuff, that would be super sick,” Alex Morrow said.

For now, the sisters are just happy that people are listening. 

“It’s also kind of cool that we’re freshman, we’ve been here three weeks, and people from campus are listening to us,” Alex Morrow said. “I think that’s cool.”