Review: ‘Babel’ has everything a Mumford & Sons fan wants

Michael Bragg

Editor’s Note: The following reflects the opinions of the author.

After three years of waiting for new material from the Brits responsible for the iconic track “Little Lion Man,” Mumford & Sons have released their second album “Babel.”

“I Will Wait” is the promotional single released from the album and “Below My Feet” – both incredible and beautiful songs by Mumford & Sons – were performed on the band’s recent stint on Saturday Night Live, making those two tracks the temporary preview and identity for fans to judge.

Well this judge’s ruling is in and “Babel” was worth the three year wait.

The overall feel of the album is true to the nu-bluegrass, folk sound Mumford & Sons have already established for themselves.

And anyone who has not fallen for this quartet across the pond by now will when they listen to “Babel,”
“Babel” closely mirrors its predecessor “Sigh No More” in sound and composition, but what’s to hate about that? Sure everyone wants the next album to sound different than the first, but “Sigh No More” is a phenomenal debut and “Babel” is a phenomenal follow up, hands down.

“Babel” is now available in vinyl, CD and mp3 format.

Rating: Three and a half out of four stars

Story: MICHAEL BRAGG, A&E Editor