Review: Supernatural, E1S15

Ebony Foster, Columnist

“The road so far” are the words that have graced television screens for 14 years. Sadly, the road is reaching its end as the CW television series “Supernatural” begins its final season. 

“Supernatural” is about two brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, who lost their mother in a horrific fire set by a yellow-eyed demon when they were children. 

Since then, as Dean said in Season 1, the brothers have saved people and hunted things⁠— the family business, per the Winchester’s motto. They’ve taken on ghosts, demons, angels and the devil himself. But, nothing could prepare them, nor their fanbase, for the ultimate foe who closed out last season with an apocalyptic bang: Chuck, aka God.

This was an unorthodox choice for the writers, but “Supernatural” is anything but orthodox. 

The final season began where it left off — in a cemetery after the murder of Jack, who is the son of Lucifer. Chuck said, “Welcome to the end,” as he opened the gates of Hell, setting loose every monster the Winchesters have killed over the past 14 seasons. 

Fighting alongside Castiel, their angelic friend played by Misha Collins, the Winchester brothers fended off the legion of the dead and tried their best to escape the chaos with Jack’s body. 

Trapped inside a mausoleum, Jack rose not as himself, but as a demon named Belphagor who offered to help the brothers. Out of options, they accepted his aid not only for themselves, but also to save a nearby town from the murderous chaos Chuck unleashed. The first episode brought dramatic flair that only “Supernatural” can pull off. 

We get decent character introduction to Belphegor and no time wasted due to the danger the town is in. It reestablished information from season five that could be an obstacle for the brothers and added character development for Sam, who finally stood up against his worst fear: a ghostly killer clown.

The “Supernatural” writers set up the possible recurring theme of free will and how the brothers will attempt true freedom from constant cosmic manipulation before a final cut, mirroring the end of season one’s first episode. 

Though a long time coming, fans seem both excited and saddened by the “Supernatural” final season. The big evil is truly larger than life, and there is no telling the twists and turns that lie ahead. Fans will be graced with the familiar tune of “Carry On My Wayward Son” one last time, which will truly signal the end of an era. 

 In the meantime, all fans can do is keep calm and carry on as we watch the Winchesters get to work.