Russell/Page wins SGA election


Joshua Farmer

Presidential elect Dylan Russell (left) and vice presidential running mate Michael Page (right) celebrate while reading the offical results of the SGA elections Tuesday.  Justin Perry  |  The Appalachian
Dylan Russell and Michael Page were elected Tuesday as the next SGA president and vice president.

The two earned 1,578 votes, more than quadrupling the total of their opponents, Nathan Bailey and Nick Smith.

“It means a lot that people are willing to stand with you and believe in you and believe in what you stand for,” Russell said. “It’s an empowering moment.”

Since, the two have named Adam Ezell, the current director of governmental operations, as their chief of staff.

“Adam and I have grown really close to each other working through cabinet this year,” Russell said. “Adam was our campaign manager, and he was a rock for Michael and myself throughout the campaign process, keeping us calm, cool, collected. We are extremely honored to have Adam as our chief of staff.”

Russell said the director of elections position, a new cabinet position required by the recent referendum, will be key in recruiting students to get involved with SGA.

“We want all 93 senate seats filled by the next time we come in,” Russell said.

Russell said that Page and Ezell will help him put together the cabinet, and that they will take résumés in the SGA office until April 12.

Though Russell and Page were elected with 80 percent of the vote, the number who voted in the election represented just over 11 percent of the student population.

“We were a little disappointed by the numbers, but we weren’t disappointed by the support,” Russell said. “Next year we definitely plan to vamp up marketing. Next year there will be no reason that people don’t know about SGA elections.”

Story: JOSHUA FARMER, News Editor

Photo: JUSTIN PERRY, Staff Photographer