SGA candidate profiles: Michael Davis and Cameron Hunter


Moss Brennan and Jackie Park

The Appalachian sent questions to each student body president and vice president candidate to create profiles. 

Below are the responses from presidential candidate Michael Davis and vice presidential candidate Cam Hunter. Davis and Hunter are the only candidates to respond so far. 

Here are their answers: 


Where are you from and what made you choose App State? 

I am from Wilkesboro and I chose App State because of my awesome experience at Scholars Day. The Ambassadors and folks from the Honors College really showed a level of compassion that I did not experience at any other schools I visited.

What is your year and major and why did you choose that major? 

I am a junior political science and economics major, and I chose my political science major for the same reason a lot of people do: I had considered law school and was super into politics. I chose my economics major because a lot of the logic behind the models requires some unconventional thinking that none of my other classes really provided me.

What is your experience with SGA? 

As a freshman, I served as a freshman senator on the service and rules committee. I wrote a bill to help create the Mountaineer Mealshare Program, which is a meal sharing program that allows students who run out of meal plan money to apply for more funds via a fund donated by other students, faculty, staff, and others! My sophomore year I was the UNC-ASG Campus Liaison and a sophomore senator on the rules committee. The highlight of sophomore year was our Spring Service Initiative to raise money to support the food pantry where DeJon and I got into a dunking booth on a windy spring day (would not recommend). This year I had the honor and privilege serving as your Student Body Vice President, and now I am trying to serve my senior year as your Student Body President. This year I have been focused on diversity recruitment, student involvement and media creation, getting syllabi posted when students register, proposing new revenue sources for extra mental health resources, and helping usher in the new all-you-care-to-eat meal plan system.

What has been your most memorable moment at App State? 

I would definitely have to say beating UNC at football this year because my brother goes to Chapel Hill, and I was at the game with him. He immediately pivoted to talking about UNC basketball, and we see how that went this year.

What’s your go to place in Boone? Campus? 

My go to place in Boone is definitely Howard’s Knob, but that mean old guy has been there recently when the gate is about to be closed for the night. On campus, I love the lookout deck on the third floor of the Student Union. It’s a great place to study and has a really nice view.

What is your favorite campus meal? Boone meal?

I’m gonna be basic here and pick McCallister’s because a Rueben or New Yorker after a long day just hits differently. My favorite Boone meal would definitely have to be Lost Province because their pizza is just really good and different from a lot of other places around town.

Anything else people should know about you?

I love the Panthers and Hornets, even though both of them are no good right now.

Cam and I are both members of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Please know that the main focus of these times is to take care of yourself, friends and family. We want to be as supportive as possible, and we are a resource! We are diligently working on this situation every day, so stay tuned for updates on our Facebook (Davis Hunter 2020), Instagram (davis.hunter2020), and Twitter (davishunter2020).


Where are you from and what made you choose App State? 

I am from Winston-Salem, I am a graduate from Mount Tabor High School. I chose App State because of opportunity. I was right!

What is your year and major and why did you choose that major? 

I am a “first semester” junior at App State. My major is cellular molecular biology. I choose this major partly because I love science, technology and math. Most importantly, African Americans are underrepresented in the STEM workforce. A little under 12% of African Americans graduate with STEM degrees. This has inspired me to continue with the major cellular molecular biology. Once I graduate ,I plan on furthering my academic career in the biological field.  

What is your experience with SGA? 

I have been in SGA for three academic years. I have served as a University/College Senator freshman year, Athletics Senator sophomore year, and I currently serve on the Milborne.Davis Cabinet as the Director of Student Affairs. A bill that is important to me that I have worked on is an interpersonal violence bill that Brenton Ervin and I partnered to create during the 2019-20 academic year. Ervin and I partnered with numerous organizations such as Title IX, Wellness and Red Flag.

Through SGA, I have had the opportunity to hold town halls, such as the one last semester where we advocated for student voices. We had more than 100 students and staff in attendance, which I believe is the most people in attendance we’ve had at an SGA town hall. I have experience within ASG and worked on two campaign teams.  I’ve served on numerous advisory boards such as parking and traffic, renaming residence halls and food advisory.


  • Wellness 
  • Student Affairs 
  • Academic Affairs 

What has been your most memorable moment at App State? 

On the date of August 31, 2018 Hurricane Florence began. It would cause over 53 fatalities. When I heard about the event, I was in track and field practice at Varsity Gym. I began to get nervous because I had family in the affected areas. My sister was also a victim of  Hurricane Katrina. I began to head back to my residence hall, and my coworker’s passion toward the natural disaster encouraged me to create a water bottle drive. We began collecting bottles instantly. We partnered with organizations such as Phi Beta Sigma, App State SGA, App State Athletics, University Housing and App State’s Alumni Association. We created a team full of individuals that would reach out and collect money, deliver water, and load up trucks for the victims of the natural disaster. We collected a total of 25,000 water bottles to send along the coast. We also had an additional $400 left over, so we did a 24-hour canned food drive. We collected over 400 cans in less than an hour! This is my favorite memory because it gave me the opportunity to bring the Appalachian community together for one common goal: to help, make an impact within our state of North Carolina. Through this project, I received RA of the week and an award from the chancellor.   

What’s your go-to place in Boone? Campus? 

My go-to place in Boone is the parkway, it is an enjoyable place. Nice view, lovely sunsets and enjoyable trails. My go-to place on campus is the student union! The student union is where all the action is. I also enjoy Kidd Brewer Stadium on a Saturday during the fall!

What is your favorite campus meal? Boone meal?

My favorite meal on campus is Debbie’s Meatloaf, Okra and Mashed Potatoes with extra gravy. Central is my go to dining place. My favorite Boone meal is the Hibachi Vegetables that comes with fried rice, a clear soup, Zucchini Onion and Broccoli from Osaka or Sabeing. However, I love Daniel Boone Inn!

Anything else people should know about you?

– I have a twin brother named Chase Hunter   

– I’m a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

– I’m an RA in Frank Hall

– I’ve also been involved in organizations such as UREC, APPS, Habitat for Humanity and BSA

– I have been a Winston-Salem Human Relations Award Recipient.

– You guys should also know that I hope you are well. Use your resources and take care of yourself, friends and family.

– Let’s go ‘neers!