Source: Board of Governors “definitely will” create plan to issue refunds


Moss Brennan, Reporter

The UNC Board of Governors will meet on a phone call on March 30 to discuss a plan that would issue refunds to students, a Board of Governors source told The Appalachian. The source said the plan should be in place next week.

“It is the right and proper thing to do. We just need to officially vote and take action,” the source said. “I cannot believe anyone would be opposed to returning the funds to the students and parents.”

The special meeting comes after UNC System interim president Bill Roper announced March 20 that “matters related to fees, room and board” would be addressed after more critical issues related to safety were managed. 

“We will make sure our faculty, staffs and students are treated well, now and in the future,” the source said. 

App State expects guidance from the UNC System after April 1, according to the App State coronavirus information page.

While we are focused on managing the immediate issues before us of preserving the health and safety of our campus community and delivering the best possible academic experiences, we are very aware dining and housing refunds represent a key concern for students and families,” the information page states. 

This story will be updated when more information becomes available.