Split Rail hosts concert and 5K


Abi Shaki

Split Rail Records, a record label run by students of the Appalachian Hayes School of Music, hosted their second annual Music Moves My Sole 5K Fundraiser on Saturday on Sanford Mall.

The fundraiser is meant to spread awareness about the label and its involvement with local music talent, said Lindsay Rudisill, Split Rail Records chief financial officer. The race allowed participants to be active while listening to local musicians including Unaka Prong, Tyler Buck and Brian McKenzie.

“We want to spread the word about Split Rail Records and how we help the Boone community by helping local musicians,” Rudisill said. “All the money from the fundraiser will go towards funding and supporting musicians by helping to produce their albums.”

Approximately 80 people showed up to support Split Rail Records. An array of local businesses including Chick-fil-A, Come Back Shack, The Rock and The TApp Room offered their support by sponsoring the event.

President Zach Dunham explained how he wants to get local music recognized not only in the Boone community, but outside of it as well.

“We want to push the scene of the local music talent while also developing the music students professionally throughout the process,” Dunham said.

Split Rail Records has been a part of the Hayes School of Music since 2005 and utilizes the Robert F. Gilley Recording Studio, Dunham said.

Over time, the record label has gained national recognition including features in Billboard Magazine and The New York Times. Students of the Music Industries Program are required to work for Split Rail, helping to develop their professional skills, while also acquiring vast amounts of knowledge on how a record label operates, Dunham said. The label signed well-known local acts over the years such as Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Major Magick.

Dunham explained how his time at the record label has taught him how to collaborate with people of different strengths and visions.

“You need all kinds of different personalities to run the label,” he said. “We need people for marketing, accounting, and recording. There is so much diversity, but that is what makes working at the label awesome. I have learned so much from the people I work with.”

Kim Wrangler, director of the Hayes School of Music and adviser of Spilt Rail Records hopes that the fundraiser will become an annual favorite since the money is put towards local music talent.

“Our students are passionate about promoting local acts in Boone,” Wrangler said.

Story by: Abi Shaki, Intern A&E Reporter

Photos by: Lindsey Honkomp, Intern Photographer