Student Body President re-elected, 15 senators elected with 743 total votes


Moss Brennan, Reporter

Student Body President DeJon Milbourne was re-elected for the 2019-20 academic year with 636 votes. Milbourne ran unopposed.

Only 743 votes were cast in the election compared to over 3,095 in 2018 and over 2,400 in 2017. Fifteen senators were also elected to the Student Government Association Senate.

“We obviously wanted to get more votes, but it’s very difficult to that when it’s only one ticket,” Milbourne said. “I think a lot of people respected the work that we’ve done this year.”

Milbourne ran for re-election with junior political science major Michael Davis, who is a senator and delegate to the Association of Student Government.

“My No. 1 goal is to leave a legacy that will outlast me and my administration,” Milbourne said. “I want to leave something behind for the entire campus so that we can be self sustaining.”

Freshman journalism major Aiyana Willoughby was re-elected to serve on the Sophomore Class Senate. She said many of her plans for 2019-20 involve health and wellness.

“I have a lot of plans that I didn’t get to implement this 52nd Senatorial Session, so I’m really happy that I’m on it again so I can try again next year,” Willoughby said.

Here are the full results:

Senator results:

  • Sophomore Jeremy Doblin – College of Arts and Sciences senator.
  • Sophomore Connor Schlaline – Honors and Academics Senator.
  • Sophomore Thanh Schado – Special Interest Groups and Service Initiatives senator

Sophomore Class Senate:

  • Aiyana Willoughby 
  • Emily Hogan 
  • Devin Mullins 
  • Maddie Vargas 
  • Tyler Gacek 

Junior Class Senate:

  • Alexandra Larocca 
  • Ardeshir Pirzadeh 
  • Cameron Hunter
  • Michael Maldonado-Melgar 
  • Greg Steckbeck 

Walker College of Business senators:

  • Junior Cameron Thompson 
  • Sophomore Brenton Ervin