Students realign priorities and productivity in transition to online classes

Abi Pepin, Reporter

The switch to online classes may worry some students about how to continue their success. App State is providing resources to help students with the transition. 

“I’m trying my best to keep a schedule, so I don’t lose track of my assignments and my activity level,” said Alex Petrea, sophomore public relations major. “I saw on Facebook that App State group fitness has been doing Instagram lives, so I’ve been joining that to make it seem like my normal school routine.”

It can be challenging for students to feel motivated in the comfort of their homes. It may be even more challenging for the students that have never taken an online course before.

While none of us has perfect remedies for transitioning our in-person services to remote interfaces, we are working hard to provide you with the best possible support to continue your academic endeavors over the coming weeks via the Keep Learning initiative, which will engage you with a support person, tutor or learning specialist to address your needs as we navigate this difficult time,” Beth Holcomb, associate director of campus activities, wrote on AppSync.

The Keep Learning initiative provides links for accessing internet access off campus, instructions for using Zoom, how to schedule tutoring sessions, peer academic coaching, writing center support and library resources. The site also includes a “Keep Learning course” that can be accessed through AsULearn.

Holcomb wrote the following tips for students during this time:

  • Check your email account several times daily for important announcements from your professors and the university.
  • Check AsULearn daily for course updates and announcements
  • Now more than ever, it is vital that you maintain consistent communication with your professors
  • Be proactive, don’t:
    • Wait until the last minute
    • Get left in the dark
    • Put it off until tomorrow
  • Work ahead
  • Create a dedicated study space
  • If your class is not meeting during the regularly scheduled time, maintain class times for study.
  • Set aside other dedicated times, as well.
  • Again: Do not procrastinate. This is where online students get in trouble. Do it now!

The UNC System created an “Orientation to Online Learning.” The course includes four modules: technology, the online classroom, fitting online into your life and student services. The first three modules include activities and quizzes based on the information provided.

App State created a YouTube channel, Academic Strategies, that has several videos with tips for success.

The Learning Center has created a page, Study Strategies, that includes Tips for Success in Online Classes. The page is full of tips and links to outside resources.

The Counseling Center is offering phone consultations, self-help resources, and teletherapy for students that need help during this unsure time in regards to COVID-19.

We will emerge from these challenges stronger, more resilient, and poised for even greater success,” Chancellor Sheri Everts said.