This day in history: fuel shortages threaten rise in tuition

Jenna Guzman curated this story by Bob Bertini which The Appalachian originally published April 12, 1973.

The nationwide fuel shortage could cause the cost of student tuitions to rise at Appalachian.

“Appalachian will use approximately three million gallons of number six fuel oil in the coming year,” according to Milt Moretz, director of the steam plant.

Currently ASU is under contract through the Hesse Oil company; however, contract bids will be examined and awarded by July 1.

At that time the North Carolina state purchaser will accept the lowest bid from the major oil companies to supply all state supported institutions with fuel oil.

“The North Carolina Legislature appropriates funds to pay for the heat and utilities in the academic buildings at ASU. All auxiliary buildings, and this includes dormitories, must pay for their own heat and utilities,” said Lynn Holaday, Controller.

He continued, “The state appropriated $421,900 last year for the academic buildings and the average cost for all the dormitories per month was around 15,000 dollars paid for with student fees.