This day in history: students protest CIA recruiting on campus

Jenna Guzman curated this story by Julie Wells which The Appalachian originally published March 1, 1988.

Students protested the presence of CIA recruiters on campus last week.

CIA recruiters held an informational meeting last Wednesday night in IG Greer to discuss employment opportunities with students.

Protestors shouted angry comments during the meeting and assembled outside IG Greer. They also handed out pamphlets concerning alleged illegalities committed by the CIA during covert operations.

“I think that some of the operations that they are involved in are illegal,” ASU student Lauren Snipes said.

Snipes said she feels students should be informed of the activities of organizations that come on campus since students support this institution financially.

Recruiters met with protest again Thursday when they interviewed students for positions with the agency.

Student protestors handed out pamphlets in front of the Career Planning and Placement Center where the interviews were held.

“I think that there is enough doubt about what the CIA is doing, someone needs to say something when they come here,” one student protester said.

Some students had mixed feelings about the presence of the CIA on campus, however there were some students who were in favor of CIA recruitment.

“Although the methods of the CIA might seem dubious to the rest of us, the security of this country depends upon the type of intelligence the CIA is able to gather regardless of where they might find it,” ASU student Peter Johnson said.

“The CIA must be able to recruit on college campuses so that all students can become fully aware of the functions and duties it performs for our country,” ASU student Chris McDermoit said.

Captain Paul Isaacs of ASU Security said the protesters caused no major problems and there were no arrests. Protesters had originally intended to picket, but Security prohibited them from doing so without a permit.

Last week’s protests at UNC-Chapel Hill were more serious, however. Student protests resulted in CIA recruiters leaving town because of the actions of the protestors.