Town hall adopts ‘Mountaineer Committee’ resolution, exposes students to local government

Gianna Holiday, Reporter

The Town Council supported SGA’s Mountaineer Committee, a new student committee designed to increase student involvement in local politics, when the resolution was unanimously adopted on Aug. 18.

In this resolution, the Town Council welcomes regular communications with the student committee. The student committee is invited to request appearances before the Town Council at the Council’s regular meetings.

At its July Town Hall meeting, Adam Zebzda, SGA representative requested the Boone Town Council consider approving a resolution supporting student involvement in town affairs and create a student committee. 

“The progress shown towards accomplishing our Mountaineer Committee has been promising and I appreciate your support and work even with everything else going on in the world,” student body president Michael Davis said. 

The Town Council encouraged staff to take action in including a student position on the existing town committees’ new student committee.

However, the committee will look different than what was originally proposed.
This new approach avoids the need for the town to commit staff and resources to a new committee, while still increasing communication between the Town of Boone and students as well as providing a way for students to engage with local government.

Zebzda and Davis also expressed their frustration at the Town Council meeting regarding  frequent parties following students returning to Boone.

The pair plan to release a joint statement early next week while collaborating and modifying their strategy regarding the committee as needed. 

“To ensure accountability at Appalachian, we will continue to pressure the Division of Student Affairs and Office of Student Conduct to hold students responsible when they compromise the wellbeing of the student body and overall community,” Zebzda said.

The Boone Town Council says it values student representation in town affairs. The Council expressed that it wishes to encourage and promote student education and participation in local civic and governmental affairs.

“SGA will be working with Boone and University Police to invigorate a community-wide education campaign on COVID safety while holding ourselves, students, and residents accountable,” Zebzda said. “This not only conserves valuable resources but also allows the avoidance of sanctions through voluntary compliance.”