Trekkies take on Thursdays together for community in Reich College of Education

Hadasa Rivera Marin, Reporter

Trek Thursday, a remnant from the 2018-19 Year of Wellness, brings together “trekkies” from all walks of their viewing journey. 

Every Thursday, faculty, staff and students gather with members of the Reich College of Education and watch “Star Trek.”

The YoW was part of a strategic plan to promote sustainability through “self-care, physical health and work life balance” said Rebkah Saylors, director of marketing, communications and engagement for RCOE. 

Saylors said the objective of the 2018-19 YoW was to go beyond workshops and professional development and bring a total well being of  “mind, body and soul.”

Saylors said the event came out of wanting to create something “social, fun and relaxing” for students and faculty. 

The series, originating in the ‘60s, focuses on “relationships between colleagues, friends and intergalactic neighbors, who are, for the most part, in significantly positive relationships,” said Alicia Muhammad, associate director of retention initiatives for RCOE. 

Saylors said “Star Trek” was chosen because of the relevant themes it brought out into the light, like inclusiveness with minorities and LGBTQ characters and relationships. 

“It’s one of the things that’s been really nice about ‘Star Trek’ in terms of those themes, it’s just the representation beyond stereotypical roles,” Saylors said.

Saylors said one clear example of female and minority empowerment is Nichelle Nichols, who played Commander Nyota Uhura in “Star Trek: The Original Series,” which first aired in 1966. She said the “famous story” was that Whoopi Goldberg saw Nichols on television and cried back to her mother in astonishment that an African American woman was playing a commander fourth in rank and not a maid.

“It is a great vision for bringing people from all backgrounds together toward common causes and developing positive relationships,” Muhammad said.