Trump’s Great Contradiction


Charles Aiken, Opinion Writer

Donald Trump campaign’s on the slogan of “Keep America Great Again.” This vague phrase draws on people’s nostalgia for America’s troubled past. A past, under the eyes of the current administration, has been revived in the return of reported lynchings on black people in 2017, authority figures abusing power and more. One thing “America’s Greatness” doesn’t discuss is independent strength; a nation’s self sustaining ability during emergencies. This administration can not state they aim to make America self sufficient. 

The new trade deal between the United States, Canada and Mexico only tangles these nations — the same as the previous deal. The previous deal, NAFTA, caused Mexico’s prime crop, corn, to become next to valueless.The effect of stripping away the primary source of income and survival for farmers in a foreign nation had cascading effects because workers sought alternative sources of income. 

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement contradicts Trump’s goal of “Making America Great Again.” The issue with the USMCA is that it hurts Mexico’s economy by forcing them to raise the minimum wage in a decent amount of automobile factories. This is odd because USMCA may bring back a recession to a country Trump claims break immigration procedures. Therefore, Trump made illegal immigration worse for both U.S. and Mexico. 

This hypocrisy in Trump’s trade deal is staggering because Mexico isn’t the only nation negatively affected. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau agreed to open Canadian dairy market to the U.S. But Trudeau caving into Trump’s request will likely lead to the U.S significantly controlling the Canadian dairy market. The current administration’s deal will affect real people — as NAFTA did in the past — once ratified.

Trump’s actions of pushing Mexico into a recession and taking away a portion of Canada’s own self sustainability is an interesting take on “Making America Great Again.” Mexico and Canada’s willingness to compromise to Trump’s demands show their willingness to keep peace, while Trump’s strong arming of neighboring sovereign bodies is a testament to his arrogance. One way Trump could “Make America Great Again” is by making the Central American, North American and South American regions one nation, something his words indicate.