Turchin’s fourth Art Bash promotes art appreciation among students

Turchins fourth Art Bash promotes art appreciation among students

Casey Suglia


The fourth Art Bash was held at the Turchin Center for Visual Arts on Thursday.

The event, which is only open to Appalachian State University students, invites them to come to the Turchin Center in a relaxed, informal setting.

“Art Bash is an opportunity for underclassmen to come to the Turchin Center, and more importantly, come to an art gallery if they haven’t been before,” John Kayrouz, assistant marketing manager for the Turchin Center, said. “Art Bash is for the student population on campus that is both arts inclined and not arts inclined but want to experience what it’s like to be in an arts center.”

The event has been held once a semester for the past two years and continues to fill the galleries with students. Kayrouz believes having faith in art and the Turchin Center is what contributes to its success.

“There are not that many campus art museums in the nation, so this is new for a lot of people,” Kayrouz said. “As more electronic media is absorbed, traditional art is not appreciated as much and frequently experienced.”

In addition to art, the event featured a photo booth, catering from Food Services, giveaways from local business and a performance by local band From Bears. A painting by artist Tunde Afolayan Famous was also given away at the end of the night.

Sophomore music education major Jesse Borower attended Art Bash and said it was an enlightening experience.

“I feel like in our own degree paths and focuses you can get caught up in your own mindsets and ways, so it’s good to broaden your horizons and open yourself to different creative works,” Borower said.

Sophomore English major Sydney Marie Ryan agreed.

“There’s a lot you can take from different pieces that you might not have thought of before,” Ryan said.

Kayrouz said that he hoped that by the end of the night, students would be thinking about what they just saw.

“Students are going to come here and realize it’s actually fun to be have fun with your friends, take a look at some art, talk about it, laugh at it, maybe be disgusted or inspired by it,” Kayrouz said. “It’s a chance for people to get some new ideas by being exposed to artwork.”

Story by Casey Suglia, Intern A&E Reporter