New residence halls officially named

Moss Brennan, Reporter

Residence halls being built on West Campus now have names.

Building 100, in front of Trivette Dining Hall, is now called Thunder Hill Hall.

“Thunder Hill is that iconic scenic overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Big favorite of students faculty and staff,” Matt Dull said. “Appropriately at the top of the hill.”

Matt Dull is assistant vice chancellor for finance and operations and announced the names in a Campus Construction Update podcast.

Building 200, directly across from Eggers Hall is Raven Rocks Hall.

“Another iconic overlook and trail over on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Really well known for its sunset views in the High Country,” Dull said.

Courtesy of App State
Thunder Hill Hall (Building 100), left, and Raven Rocks Hall (Building 200), right, as seen from the new parking deck Feb. 26. Photo by Marie Freeman

Building 300 is now called Laurel Creek Hall.

Laurel Creek is the stream that winds the backside of Beech Mountain to Laurel Creek Falls.

“Students may know the Laurel Creek Falls as Trashcan Falls,” Dull said. “Can’t name it ‘Trashcan Falls Hall.”

Building 400, the Justice Hall replacement, is now called New River Hall.

“We had a building naming committee and that committee really wanted to help connect students to really scenic and natural places in the High Country,” Dull said. “So, naming buildings after some places that past students or alumni have found memories of up here in the High Country.”

Dull said he wants to include imagery and directions to the buildings’ namesakes in the lobby of each building.