University becomes ‘well-oiled’ machine for recycling on move-in day

Over the years, the university has become a “well-oiled” machine when it comes to recycling on move-in day, said Jennifer Maxwell, university resource conservation manager.

Although there isn’t an increase in the level of solid wastes, there is an 80 percent increase for cardboard recycling, Maxwell said.

To help with the increase of cardboard, staff comes in on the weekend multiple times to pick it up and take it for recycling.

Picking up the recycled commodities is an extra expense to the university, but the money is worth it, Maxwell said.

“We do try to manage it well,” Maxwell said. “We’ve a lot gotten better over the years about what we do here.”

University Housing also asks housekeeping staff in the dorms to help parents and students break down boxes and make sure it’s placed in recycling, Director of University Housing Tom Kane said.

Recycling containers that typically aren’t used are also moved closer to dorms during move-in.

While Appalachian sees an increase in cardboard, Boone’s recycling goods are a combination of commodities.

During the month of August, the town sees an increase in amount of tonnage recycled mostly from off-campus students moving in, said Marsha Story, Sanitation and Recycling coordinator for Boone.

“We anticipate what’s going to take place,” Story said.

During that time, more collections occur to help with the influx, she said.

In 2011, the average number of tonnage recycled during May, June and July was about 160 tons. In August 2011, the average was about 203 tons.

Those numbers show how “recycling oriented this community is, including the students,” Story said.


Story: KELLI STRAKA, News Editor