Virginia Foxx responds to Planned Parenthood pulling out of Title X funding

Jackie Park, Reporter

Representative for the 5th Congressional District in North Carolina, Virginia Foxx responded to Planned Parenthood pulling out of federal funding Monday. 

President Trump created a new rule barring federally funded clinics, like partially Title X-funded Planned Parenthood, from referring patients to abortion providers. Title X provides funding to clinics that provide family planning services to those with low incomes.

“Planned Parenthood’s decision to opt out of the Title X Program is a win for American taxpayers and true healthcare providers that do not call the taking innocent human life a ‘family planning service,’” Foxx said.

Foxx also provided information about a bill she introduced in January that would prevent the Department of Health and Human Services from providing federal family planning grants to organizations that provide abortions or provide funding to others that perform abortions.

“My bill, the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act, would take the next step by codifying this rule so that Congressional intent of the Title X Program, as restored by President Trump, cannot again be undermined,” the press release stated.

The bill includes exceptions for cases of rape and risk of death certified by a physician.

Foxx commended President Trump for his commitment to “ensure that taxpayers do not subsidize abortion providers,” like Planned Parenthood.

“There are thousands of federally qualified health centers nationwide that provide truly comprehensive women’s healthcare, and they can be conveniently located at,” Foxx said.