Watauga Democratic Party announces first candidate for 2014 election

Watauga Democratic Party announces first candidate for 2014 election

Michael Bragg

The Democratic Party of Watauga County held a meeting Wednesday at Golden Corral in Boone to approximately 75 people to announce its first candidate for the 2014 midterm elections.

Sue Counts, the former Watauga County extension director, will run for the North Carolina House in the 93rd district, which serves Watauga and Ashe counties.

With the work of the Democratic Party, Counts said she is sure she can win the spot from Republican incumbent Jonathan Jordan.

“I’m willing to put the time into getting this seat back,” she said.

Counts decided to run for office after the recent decisions made by the General Assembly.

“I can no longer sit by and watch my beloved state wander down a path which is destroying the gains we have made in education, infrastructure, scientific research, job opportunities and environmental protections,” Counts said in a press release.

While reversing the recent decisions made by the Republican-led General Assembly is Counts’ largest priority, she said she still has other key concerns she would like to address if elected. Counts said she would like to focus on Medicaid, education and the environment.

Mayor Loretta Clawson, Town Councilman Rennie Brantz and other members of the Watauga and Ashe counties’ Democratic Parties attended the event.

Jesse Presnell, the current third-vice chair of the Democratic Party in Watauga County, will be Counts’ campaign manager. Three Appalachian State University students will also work on Counts’ campaign.

Junior political science major Ian O’Keefe will work as the field director, sophomore political science major Claudia Shoemaker will work as the deputy field director and junior special education major Maggie Pearce will work as the finance director.

Story: CHELSEY FISHER, Senior News Reporter