Winkler to build on King Street

Stephanie Sansoucy

Winkler Construction is currently working on architectural plans for the land on West King Street beside Hob Knob Farm Cafe to construct a multi-use building that will include retail and living spaces.

The vacant building directly beside Hob Knob will be demolished for the project.
Wesley Berry, the marketing and advertising director for Winkler, said the plan is to use the building, which they are calling “The 494 Lofts,” for student housing.

According to the Boone 2030 Land Use Plan, which the town council adopted in October 2009, the spot is “ripe” for redevelopment.

Winkler purchased the land from its previous developer in November. The company will be working to improve efficient qualities of the previous plans.

Jason Gaston of Valero Engineering is the head engineer for the project. Gaston said that the changes being made to previous plans for the land will reduce the overall energy footprint of the building by reducing the planned size of the building as well as planning additional bedrooms from the original plans.

Gaston said that implementing a multifamily unit breakdown will make this possible.

“It is more energy efficient since it is smaller and you have less area to heat/cool and light,” Gaston said.

The first floor of the building will be used for retail and office space, according to Winkler’s plans, while the second and third will be used for housing.

Gaston said that the housing in the building will include eight two-bedroom units and 12 efficiencies, which are very similar to hotel rooms where all your living space, with the exception of the bathroom, is shared.

There will be 30 bedrooms total.

Gaston said they hope to start its construction in March 2014.

Winkler plans to have the building rectified and leased by August 2014 in order to prepare for the upcoming fall semester.

Story: LANEY RUCKSTUHL, Intern News Reporter