10 hours, 16 bands: Draba hosts Boonechella at Ransom

Andy McLean, Photojournalist

Boone has seen a rise in student-made bands over the past year, creating a new market for local house shows. On Oct.16, Draba hosted one such event — Boonechella — held at local restaurant and bar Ransom. Boonechella featured 16 bands over 10 hours, including Full Metal Sweater, Scarecrow Society, One Arm Jefferson, Jacoozy, Motel Pink, Charm, The Coyotes, Cherry Etiquette, Caffeine Daydream, Ovary-Z, Joseph Gallo, Rugg, Elora Dash, Cloutchaser, Bongfoot, and The Dune Sea.

Katelyn “KP” Pethel performs, getting up close with her fans. Being a part of Ovary-Z, guitarist Pethel said, has allowed her to pursue her passion for music while hoping to inspire others the way many artists have for her. “I love seeing people smile while singing our lyrics back to us, and to watch them dance to our music is such an electric feeling,” Pethel said. (Andy McLean)
Founded in Boone, local band Caffeine Daydream has been performing since before 2019. Their Boonechella setlist included covers as well as original songs from their upcoming album, name yet to be released. (Andy McLean)
Sofia Kooyman, singer and guitarist for Cherry Etiquette, has been with the band since August 2020. Kooyman said her favorite part about being in the group is performing in front of crowds. “Every performance gives us more security in our realness as a band, especially as an all girl band,” Kooyman said. (Andy McLean)
Cherry Etiquette always includes The Runaways’ hit song “Cherry Bomb” in their set-lists. “We love that they were an all-girl band… we think of them as an inspiration,” band member Sofia Kooyman said. (Andy McLean)
Cooper Statile, drummer for Caffeine Daydream, replicates the crowd’s high energy. A founding member, Statile has been with the band since its inception the summer of 2019. (Andy McLean)